BELGRADE – No one is setting the recognition of Serbia’s southern province as a condition for the EU membership, but everything depends on the Kosovo issue, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic has said.

Tomislav Nikolic - Photo:
Tomislav Nikolic – Photo:

“We are urged to sign the agreement on the institutions of interim administration in Pristina that would regulate mutual relations. This is something that Germany will not give up on. This request has been implicit until recently, but now it stands as a dominant opinion in Europe, particularly after establishing the current composition of the European Commission,” Nikolic said in an interview for the Belgrade-based daily Vecernje novosti.

Therefore, Serbia needs to take a stance on this increasingly visible request by adopting a new state platform on Kosovo-Metohija, the president said.

He said that the platform on KiM will be on the desk of the Serbian prime minister immediately after the holiday (May 1). “The government will say whether the plan is feasible or not. Then, the ministers will formally decide whether they will forward the original or a somewhat amended document to the parliament. I think that we need to see eye to eye on this issue,” the president underlined.

Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said that the new national platform for Kosovo, which he would soon present to the government, was based on the view that Serbia would never recognise the independence of its southern province, where the ethnic Albanians declared independence unilaterally.

The essence is that Serbia’s new platform states clearly which boundaries will never be crossed, but also for everyone to get behind such a policy, he told the daily Vecernje novosti.

“We see that the authorities in Pristina are gradually establishing their institutions. They insist on issues that refer to statehood and eliminate Serbian influence in Kosovo in terms of property, energy system ownership. They ignore the agreement on the assocation of Serb municipalities. They raise issues that concern ‘the Greater Albania.’ There will be no more waiting,” he stressed.

The nationalist project of the so called Greater Albania includes parts of Serbian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Greek territory.