BELGRADE – More than 3,600 people from Syria, 2,700 from Afghanistan and 500 from Iraq have sought asylum in Serbia since the beginning of the year, and there are more such cases from many other countries, Executive Director of the Asylum Protection Center Rados Djurovic said, adding that the number of asylum seekers is shooting up.


“It should be stressed that there are more than 1.600 children in this group of asylum seekers in Serbia, 850 of which unaccompanied by parents,” Djurovic said on Thursday.

The migrants stay in Serbia from seven days to two weeks on average, but this does not mean they will not stay longer, he told Tanjug.

“Reasons for their arrival in Serbia primarily lie in the difficult situation in the Middle East. The people who come are increasingly motivated to save their lives, and fewer people flee for economic reasons,” Djurovic stressed.

He also said that the capacity to accommodate refugees should be increased.

“The people coming are really refugees and they should be provided with the necessary accommodations, IDs and health care. These are necessary preconditions for the number of people arriving to be received by our society, and, on the other hand, for our population to be protected,” Djurovic said.