Serbia ranks first in region, second in world in youth emigration


BELGRADE – For the past two decades, Serbia has ranked first in the region – and second in the world – in emigration of young and educated people, the participants of the Youth Economic Forum at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia warned on Wednesday.


According to 2014 figures, most unemployed people in Serbia – about 101,000 young people – are aged between 25 and 29, and are followed by 90,500 unemployed people aged between 20 and 24, said Vladimir Radovanovic, vice president of the Student Conference of Serbian Universities (SKONUS) and Youth Economic Forum 2015 project coordinator.

“The trend of rising youth unemployment has been ongoing since 2008 and there are no indications of it stopping,” Radovanovic said at the forum, whose media sponsor is the Tanjug news agency, adding that the youth unemployment rate in Serbia is higher than that in neighbouring or EU countries.

Nearly 80 percent of young people wait for employment for over a year, and young people increasingly believe that it is impossible to find a job in Serbia and are leaving Serbia as a result, he said.

Radovanovic said that the state must do something about this and enable young people to find jobs after education.


  1. No surprise here. Who wants to live in a country with miserable economy, rampant corruption and old school Milosevic style propaganda?

    • Really? Are you serious? What about all those law, or engineering students? Even highly qualified med. students can’t find a job. Are they suppose to become entrepreneurs too? And let’s not forget the fact that most of them don’t have a dime in their pocket when they finish University. It’s silly honestly. Serbia is falling apart, as we speak. That’s the reality of things. And nobody wants to stay in a country while it crumbles in front of their very eyes and ruins their lives in the process. So, entrepreneurship sure as hell isn’t going to fix that.

    • The need is to rebuild, make a stand and fight for your country. It sounds easy, but youth want too much too soon and they want it all right now. Serbia is mortally wounded, she needs to be nursed back to health, and that means she needs Serbs to do it. Running away for the quick fix of what the very countries who bombed and destroyed Serbia can offer you instead of rebuilding and pushing these blood suckers back from whence they came and making Serbia strong and defenceable again , restoring pride and strength. Life is for the long haul, hard work and not having everything you want. All our ancestors have had to do this, the future generations risk losing everything including their heritage and culture.

      • please remember why you were bombed. is it easier for you if you just see the consequences of the politics and wars Milosevic started?

  2. maybe youth unemployment is higher than in the neighbouring countries, but not much… youth emigration is plaguing many southern eu countries like Greece. Young (educated) people leave their countries to work for Germany, England and other EE countries with strong economy. Maybe that is the plan. Cheap brain drain. Well done EE…

  3. @ Jovana
    Maybe you should start walking the streets again, and start drumming in your empty pots and pans, to prove your point, of how much you dislike your leaders !
    … and just maybe, the west will hear you this time my dear, if you drum load enough .
    A word of advice … Never bet on the sweet words promised by the Western(Zionists) and leave Milosevic to rest in peace !!!

    • Milosevic is why we are here in the first place! Unfortunately, it’s something that’s obviously bot very clear to the primutive uneducated masses, which is why we have basically an extension of his politics in power today.

  4. Every year officialy about 30.000 young people (off the record between 50.000-70.000) leave Serbia. Politicians should ask themselves who will they rule when nobody remains in this miserable country.

  5. Masa, you may have a good point, Slobodan Milosevic probably planned all this, with that good old boy scout Josip Broz Tito, to annex Vojvodina and Kosovo for starters, and to water down everything that is Serbian through a multicultural experiment once called Yugoslavia. (Bratstvo i Jedinstvo) especially made (za Ubistvo jednog pravolslavnog naroda ) So let us go back to what you were saying to exercise our options here together, and choose what is worse of these two? the so called primitive uneducated masses like you say or the highly educated, conditioned (brainwashed) and groomed for this New World Order, right out of their Masters Canine Institute. Who are trained to penetrate this beautiful country through Controlled Opposition figures , Cancers Cells living among us, who are planted in just about every party in our Mickey Mouse parliament, who sold their Souls and this country for a piece of cheese. Only to be disposed of when their Due Date expires .
    My dear friend, don’t be so naive … This very sad heart breaking situation in Serbia was created before Milosevic’s time and is only going to get worse before it gets better. THINK !!
    With the right intentions, like you, me and the likes of others, the solution can be found in our hearts with our own independent THINKing. Forget about everything they taught us in school! Go back to your roots to build a strong foundation, by being informed with indispensable knowledge that our Great Grandfathers left behind . Our collective unity will work for us not against us! and for the Love of Serbia which is not in their plans and in their best interest .
    Open your Mind and let your eyes see …
    They are using a new Vaccine on us called ” Leave Serbia “

    • Whoever you are Peacefulwarrior, it is good to hear Serbian people talking as you do. In the aftermath of 1999, the world was filled the the hate fuelled by USA of Serbia, still it’s poison continues. Before Milosovic you are right, USA’s Ronald Reagan and UKs Margaret Thatcher already had devastation planned for Serbia in the 1980’s. Serbian youth have mostly succumbed to the propaganda that Serbia is evil and it’s demonisation perfectly aimed. USA rewrites history, it is doing it with Serbia, the truth needs desperately to overcome this destructive influence and Serbs need to regain their pride, stance and all things Serbian, their patriotic songs and fervour.

  6. Koje foliranje. Prepucavate se tu na engleskom. Glavu dajem ako među komentatorima ima ijednog čiji maternji jezik nije srpski.

  7. @ Cindric, samo za tebe burazeru
    ~ jer nije sve jedno !!!

    OJ Srbio Majko moja mila …
    Zasto si nas ostavila , da patimo vekovima
    Medju onima koji ruse i izdaju tvoje ime
    Oni samo pricaju pricu da su rodom Srbi
    Ali sta nam to vredi, kad im dusa smrdi !
    Oj Srbio Majko moja mila …
    rogi nam Ljubav i Ponoc jos jednom, kao sto je nekad bila .

    • @Peacefulwarrior

      Pa ti ni ne govoris srpski a pricas kako i sta treba da se uradi i ponasa da bi bilo bolje u srbiji!? Nisi ti brajko moj krocio na srpsku zemlju nogom niti imas pojma sta znaci biti srbin (ili balkanac, posto smo svi isti), tako da, sto bi rekli nasi stari “da me oprostis ali mrs bre”.

  8. @ Zoran, molim vas nemoj da me pecate za reci …vrlo mi je jasan vas problem, u vezi ty necistu krv koja vlada na balkanu jos iz Tursko vreme. I ostavio svoj trag sa veliki kompleks u ljudima do dan danac . Jer pazi, genetika je velika stvar. I pokusavam do nekle da vas razumem, da vam je tesko i da vam nije lako, prihvatiti tu cinjenicu da je vasa praBaka ucinila greh. Ali zamolio bi vas da ne vredzate ostale koje postuju svoje Srbsko, jer nismo svi isti kao sto ti kazes i hoces da proguras sa neki Turski miris .

  9. Love is my religion:

    Few words from 100% Serbian: DNA testing of our family show that actually Serbian people belongs to central and south Europien (Dinaric) groups. Less then 0.1% in common with Turkish people, which can be contributed to people who moved from Balkans to Turkie. So that theory of sins of our grandmas is BS. Personally have nothing against Turkish nation, but during their ruling, it was not much migration from the East, they left local people and for the most part they had local leaders.
    Got involved Just to clarify the facts, love and peace to all good human beings!
    Love for all!

  10. It is very sad, to see some people find to criticize a few misspelled words/vocabulary and forget the main issue at hand, that we will all face sooner then later.
    Funny how human nature works, this world has a Million problems and someone finds an hair in my egg !
    Very constructive and brilliant, my dear Watson .
    Welcome to their Farm !

  11. @ Love is my religion
    Your cute little story doesn’t hold water, but it can hold BS. It just sounds and looks like, too much icing and hardly any cake.
    No wonder Serbia has so many problems! Where is Serbia going, if it doesn’t understand and respect it own?? where is our future YOUTH going ?? God help us !!!
    The old slogan ” Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava ” was invented by the Turks, mocking the Serbian people jurying their almost 500 years of ruling over Serbia. Oh, and I almost forgot to say… Personally I have nothing against the Turkish nation for invading my country, and making life hard for my past people and setting us back in time, not to mention converting many groups of Serbs into Muslim hood, with the incentive to get a better position in life by selling your soul .
    We made our own bed, now we have to sleep in it … or leave the country !
    Like my Grandpa used to say ” izgubilo se seme ”

    Don’t cry for me Argentina