BELGRADE – Associates of the President of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolic, once almost gifted 50 bottles of “Tomovaca” (Brandy that Tomislav Nikolic makes) to Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, writes “Blic”.

Tomislav Nikolic - Photo:
Tomislav Nikolic – Photo:

As the daily learned, the gaffe, which was prevented at the last moment, with recent fictionalized story about the explosion of the engine, two-kilometer descent and the drama on the plane on the way to Vatican, is at the very top of the list of failures of the president’s team.

“In November last year Nikolic visited the United Arab Emirates at the invitation of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed, where, among other things, they watched Formula 1 race. His associates prepared for the occasion a gift for the Sheikh, as the protocol dictates, and in doing so they decided to gift him the brandy the President made in his native village of Bajcetina. They packed as many as 50 bottles and traveled to Abu Dhabi. Employees at the Serbian Embassy in Emirates were shocked when they heard what Nikolic’s people prepared as the gift. They asked them if they were familiar with the fact that Islam prohibits alcohol and that Nikolic would practically insult Bin Zayed with those as the gift,” said a source from diplomatic circles for the daily.

The scandal was luckily prevented in time, unlike the case of the grounded plane, where they disgraced the president with bombastic statements even though they knew the spilled coffee was the cause of everything. Even when the Directorate of Civil Aviation denied, Communication Officer, Pak Stankovic, defended her mess with fictional “attacks against the institution of the president”, continues “Blic”.

The daily posed the question whether President Nikolic “in general needs enemies with such friends”, considering that the list of gaffes itself shows more than enough that exactly advisors, with the quality of their work, managed to make “a man who in 2012 received a mandate from the citizens in elections in 2012 become a figure for general mockery”, as Cvijetin Milivojevic, marketing expert, explained for “Blic”.