Kosovo Minister for the dialogue with Serbia Edita Tahiri said that for over a year now, Serbia has stagnated because it is not respecting the agreements reached with Kosovo, GazetaExpress.com reports.


Minister Tahiri stated that every agreement with Serbia was signed based on reciprocity principle.

However, there is stagnation in implementing the agreement because the history between two countries is being built after Serbia’s genocide in Kosovo. “Sometimes we must refrain from saying this, but Serbia has committed genocide in Kosovo”, said Tahiri.

The leader of the dialogue with Serbia also recounted the positive effects of the process.

“There are good results in four plans of the dialogue. The dialogue is helping the normalization of relations with Serbia,” Tahiri said.

“The four Serb-majority municipalities in the North are in the process of normalization. We are installing law and order. A number of citizens have started integrating in public and social life”, said Tahiri.