BELGRADE – Serbian officials’ meetings with Germany’s Foreign Minister Walter Steinmeier in Belgrade have shown that Germany has balanced its policy regarding Kosovo to an extent and that Pristina has to be prepared to compromise, professor of the Belgrade Faculty of Political Science Ivo Viskovic has said.


Steinmeier did not present any new requirements for Belgrade, but simply asked that all the earlier agreements from the talks between Belgrade and Pristina be fulfilled, Viskovic told Tanjug.

One thing is new, and that is the view that Kosovo’s officials have to be more reasonable and willing to compromise, that they have to understand that not everything can be resolved in their favour, Viskovic, who used to be Serbia’s ambassador to Germany, stated.

“It shows that Germany, after a long time, has started forming a more balanced view where it is not always on the side of Kosovo, that is the Kosovo Albanians, but is instead trying to be as impartial as possible,” he noted.