BELGRADE – Serbia’s media are in a grim situation, Miroslava Milenovic, a member of the Anti-Corruption Council said on Wednesday, presenting the recommendations from the Council’s report on the media ownership structure and control.


Milenovic said at a press conference that the report is being ignored by the current authorities, just as this was done with the earlier reports presented by Verica Barac, former president of the Council.

“Almost all recommendations included in the 2011 report are being repeated in this one four years later,” she said.

It is as if the authorities believe that all problems have been solved by adopting a set of media laws last summer, Milenovic said.

The first three recommendations of the Council relate to the establishing of a transparent and comprehensive registry of the ownership structure.

“The answer of the ministry is that this has already been finished, but for us this is only the beginning,” she said, noting that the Ministry of Culture and Information is responsible for this aspect, so it needs to make an effort to complete the preregistration of the media.