BELGRADE – If the United States, after the terrorist attacks in Kumanovo, continue with the policy of unconditional support for the Albanians and if the EU continues to tacitly pass over the revival of the “Greater Albania” project, it could lead to the formation of the Orthodox Alliance of Serbia, Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria, perhaps even the third Balkan War, writes Serbian daily “Kurir”, quoting “Informer”.


According to the daily, this is the conclusion of the latest CIA report on the situation in the region, which also warns the administration in Washington that further strong support for Albanians would push Orthodox countries into the arms of Russia. CIA analysts therefore propose to US authorities a more balanced approach to the Balkans.

Intelligence officers in their report warn that it is quite possible for Serbia, Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia to form Orthodox Union.

“American analysts write that the Balkan states, whose territories are affected by the project “Greater Albania”, will not sit idly and quietly watch how Albanians steal their territory. Moreover, they are convinced that in the case of an emergency, Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians and Macedonians will join forces in the fight against Albanians. In that case the Balkans would become a region like the Middle East, and it is in no one’s interest, not even US,” says a well-informed diplomatic source.

No one in the Government wanted to comment on these findings. On the other hand, experts estimate that the scenario of Orthodox alliance is possible, but that it would be a major thorn in the eye of the West. Analyst Djordje Vukadinovic says that the association is a logical reaction to the attempt of creation of a “Greater Albania”.

“If the alliance happens, I do not believe that the United States would watch it calmly because it is clear that Albanians are their favorites. Serbia had a similar alliance before World War I, when it clashed with Turkey,” recalls Vukadinovic.

Cedomir Antic, from the Progressive Club, points out that the idea of merging the Balkans exists more than a decade.

“Even if the idea would indeed be initiated, the US would have prevented it from the start. However, such an alliance should exist because it would survive even if the EU fails. I am surprised that President Nikolic has not initiated it when he was invited to the celebration of the battle of Kumanovo,” said Antic.


  1. Wel well! The ancient Albanian nation of Europe seeks its freedoms & democratic rights thru the democratic process of a unifying Europe and now we have some suggesting a orthodox alliance against the Albanians is possible? What kind of democracy would that be? If indeed true, then every Albanian, men woman, elderly & children will have no choice but to fight bravely & fiercely as their forefathers did before them, in essence to fight for their very survival as a nation, as this potential unholy alliance would only amount to 1 thing, the attempted extinction of the Albanian race one of Europe’s last remaining & most ancient civilizations! The heroic Albanian people the world over should heed these warnings with clarity & resolve, as to be prepared for a potential aggression against them & their existence never seen before! Today & tomorrow we will all need to be KASTRIOTI’S!!!

    • Easily fixed. Albanians should stay within their own land and STOP trying to steal other peoples houses and land. Serbians have spilt a lot of blood for centuries for their land and never tried to take what is not theirs. Stay out of Serbian land and Serbs will not go against you. Keep stealing what is not yours and you (Albanians) will be punished.

    • Kastrioti was half Serbian, half Greek, 100% Christian warrior.
      Today’s Albanians (apart from the Catholic and Orthodox Christians) sold their faith and have no claim to the great and noble George Kastrioti.

  2. The chickens are all ready coming home to roost. Hegemony, can only go on, when it goes uncontested. Consult true historical facts, of the once most powerful empires / countries, in the world; to see how everything came to an end, for them, when all they did mostly was cater to a few by way of the backs of the masses.

  3. Anyone that would argue that Athens and Skopje would form an alliance have no clue what they are talking about.. It is far more likely these two nations would go war then be allies. Serbia risks destroying a long term friendship with Greece by looking the other way as Skopje promoted irredentism against Greece.

  4. Someone forget about Resolution 1244 . . . it was the Albanians, backed by Nato / mostly by USA and England, who fueled the atrocities committed upon the Serbian people; as well as still perpetrating further crimes on the many still held in the Hague . . . after taking over Kosovo, by bombing all of Serbia! Who are the real war criminals, and the ethnic cleansers; most certainly, not the Serbians.

  5. @ Rocky;

    You’re a serial troll who rears his head on a number of Serb news portals with monotonous regularity. Don’t you have a job to go to?
    As a fierce keyboard warrior, I am curious how you justify stating that the Albanians are ‘one of Europe’s last remaining ancient civilizations’. A pompous comment if ever I heard one. What exactly have the Albanians left us that warrants such an observation. Ancient temples perhaps, seats of learning, religious artefacts, great cities monuments and churches, or marks on the land that have been left for posterity or archaeological research. An empire, an army or great thinkers and inventors?
    No, I don’t think so. We all know what the Albanians have bestowed upon us. And it isn’t any of the above. You really should keep quiet.

  6. How could you have said that albania is only ancient civilization left in Europe when to this day everyone knows that albanians are still not civilised.


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