Danaj: Time has come for unification of Albanians

Photo: Tanjug

TIRANA – Albanian politician, leader of the “List for natural Albania” Koco Danaj, claims that war in Kumanovo, in the settlements inhabited by Albanians, is caused by Macedonian authorities and that the time has come for the unification of all Albanians.

Photo: Tanjug
Photo: Tanjug

By analyzing the latest developments in Kumanovo municipality in northern Macedonia, the creator of the “Platform for Natural Albania”, says that Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, whom he called a fascist and compared him to Hitler, is behind everything, Danaj said for the Albanian “Sot”.

Danaj seeks greater engagement by Albanian politicians, not only in Tirana but also in Pristina, Skopje and Ulcinj, so “Gruevski’s plan could be stopped”.

Expressing his mistrust of Albanian politicians, who he considers to be loyal to Gruevski, Danaj claims that “foreigners will support any solution that Albanians choose.” He recalls that he had previously announced unrest in Macedonia and argues that it is not a coincidence that they occurred just yesterday, on the Day of Victory over Fascism.

“The fact is that today, 9 May, is 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism, therefore, victory over dictator Hitler, the moment that the European Union, democratic governments in the region, the Albanian government in Tirana, Kosovo and Albanians in Macedonia finally realize that although today celebrates the 70th anniversary of the victory over fascism, in present-day Macedonia fascism in its purest form is flourishing,” said Danaj.

Koco Danaj
Koco Danaj

Those who support the current government of Gruevski, Danaj considers collaborators of fascism and anti-Albanians, adding that Albanians have every right to use all means to topple Gruevski from power.

“If there are people in Brussels, politicians who do not agree with that, then we should point them out that they are collaborators of fascism,” he said.

Asked what he predicts will happen in the future, Danaj says he expects the deterioration of the situation in Macedonia, and that “Gruevski will end in blood”. That happened to all those who have acted against the Albanians, Danaj said.

Danaj sees only one solution for Albanians in Macedonia – unification.

“This is the only way to save the Albanians from the Macedonian chauvinism and fascism. Nikola Gruevski and Zoran Zaev (leader of the SDSM, opposition party) differ in brutality but do not differ in their attitude toward the Albanians. Both are equally chauvinists, fascists, enemies, and have the same tactics,” he said.

He believes that “before foreigners, Albanians should speak” and that “they now have only one way, to finally separate from Macedonia.”

“There is no other way. Foreigners will accept any solution that Albanians choose. Albanians, not Albanian politicians,” said Danaj.


  1. Blessed the holy day that is upon the entire Albanian nation of warriors & warrioress’es, a great & glorious day that the 1 heavenly almighty is about to bestow upon us the ancient guardians of this blessed land of ours Illyria!
    Illyrian Sons and daughters, the 7 million on Illyria’s soil and the 10+ million around the world, the time approaches for us the sons and daughters of the eagle to take flight back in defense of our ancestral and holy lands against yet another evil of our times, just like the many generations of Albanian warrior defenders of past ages! Their is bit 1 solution here,the complete victory & unification of the entire Albanian nation under 1 flag & democratic rule! The enemy may be strong however the Persians, Romans, and ottomans were also strong yet they were bled dry with time by our forefathers! Achilles, bardhili, Alexasandri, kastrioti, dugagini, sokoli, boletini, seferi, luli perlleshi, jashari, etc! We are of the same roots of lions, we grow even fiercer when the odds are stacking up even higher against us, like our forefathers 100 years ago which defended against 5 different monsters trying to sink their teeth upon our holy lands, lands we have defended for the past 2 millennia’s and will continue to do so with outmost ferocity! We shall relieve our children and offspring of this noble and holy task lingering before us, our children will inhabit the sacred lands of Illyria with peace & tranquility, democracy & prosperity! We relieve them of any hardships of the future, now and with no regrets!

    • Rocky, people like you are the reason Albanians in the region are hated, despised, hungry and fleeing Kosovo. Do humanity a favor and disappear.

  2. There are reports that what happened in kumanove last week was staged from gruevski and his government. This tells us that the government in macedonia is not protecting the albanian population in the region. Unemployment rate for macedonians is 15%, the same rate for the albanian population is 60%. Albanians do not have to stay in macedonia. They feel threatened by the same government that is supposed to protect them. Macedonia was an experiment and ti should not exist because it cannot exist. Let people decide what they want to do. You can fool them for so long.