Dead terrorists welcomed in Kosovo as heroes, EU’s reaction: silence


BELGRADE – Image showing how killed terrorists in Kumanovo were welcomed in Kosovo, with honors as if they are national heroes, toured the Europe without provoking any reaction, writes “Blic”.


Lifeless bodies of nine Albanian terrorists who were killed in Kumanovo were transported to Pristina, where they were welcomed by a large number of citizens and representatives of KLA with the flags of Albania. The bodies were returned to Kosovo after relatives of the killed terrorists organized a protest in front of the building of the Government of Kosovo demanding from Macedonia to extract the bodies of the killed. KLA association announced that the funeral of killed Albanians will be done with full military honors, after the bodies are autopsied once again in Kosovo.

A formal welcome of the killed terrorist did not cause any reaction of the European Union nor the international community. Image that went all around the world was condemned only by the Macedonian media, reminding that 8 police officers were killed in terrorist attacks, while more than 30 were injured.

President of the Parliamentary Committee for Kosovo and Metohija Milovan Drecun said for “Blic” that the celebration of the figure and work of terrorists is, at the very least, inappropriate.

“Each victim is for regret, but here we are dealing with terrorists who illegally entered the neighbouring country of Macedonia with a single purpose – to kill people. What they did is beyond every law and celebrating these people as fighters for the rights of the Albanians is both inappropriate and provocative,” said Drecun.

He said that the move by Kosovo Albanians and the glorification of terrorists is a clear message to official Skopje about the idea of creating the Greater Albania.

“It is high time for Skopje to consider whether it is in the interest of the citizens of Macedonia to recognize the artificial state of Kosovo or they will withdraw it after these terrorist attacks. This should be their biggest lesson learned. At the same time, Europe has to already say out loud that terrorist attacks in Kumanovo were aimed at destabilization of Macedonia,” said Drecun noting that “obviously someone in the EU has too ‘soft’ attitude” on the issue of the Greater Albania, which the Albanians make maximum use of in achieving their objectives.


  1. I would shy away from calling them “dead terrorist”. I, myself, am appalled by what happened and I totally opposed to any armed incursion in Macedonia or anywhere else in the Balkans. I am Albanian and a journalist. I do not believe that problems are to be resolved at gunpoint. But to call them “terrorists” is another matter. True, they may be deranged individuals, and true, what happened raises plenty of eyebrows on Kosovo as a functional state. But they did not attack civilians, and although their intentions were made clear – staging an attack on security forces – there is no factual ground to label the armed group that way. I happen to think that nationalism is the mother of many evils (not of all evils though), and I believe that being Albanian, Serbian, or Somali is not a matter of pride, because we happened to be born as such. It comes without merit, and thereby we must respect each-other and condemn such acts, regardless of the party involved. We must learn to live together, afar from sectarian violence. Yet, alas, these ambitions may fall short in front of greater geopolitical interests. It is what it is. But also, we have a saying to be what we are. Peace and love for those who restrain from violence and seek a better future for themselves and the Other.

    • The U.S. is using them as attack dogs to pressure Macedonia’s government, which it doesn’t like. Besides this attack, you have the western-controlled media through George Soros’s network attacking the Macedonian president and government and sponsoring all these protests.
      The U.S. also doesn’t want the Russia gas pipeline, “Turkish Stream”, to exist. The U.S. already thwarted the earlier pipeline project (South Stream) by flying over politicians, including John McCain, to Bulgaria and threatening the government. The U.S. also had the EU threaten Bulgaria. So Bulgaria decided to nix it, hence the proposed Turkish Stream came about.