EU prognosis: Unemployment rate in Serbia will grow

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BELGRADE – According to an EU prognosis, the unemployment rate in Serbia will grow, while the GDP will keep a negative rate only this year of -0.1 percent, while the growth forecast for 2016 stands at 1.2 percent.

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Head of Economic Section of the EU Delegation to Serbia Freek Janmaat stated on Tuesday that he expects the unemployment in Serbia to grow, but added that in a few years the trend could take a different turn.

According to the spring prognosis, the unemployment rate in Serbia will increase to 19.3 percent in 2015 and 20.3 percent in 2016.

Asked what was taken as the basis for such a prognosis, Janmaat told a press briefing that this is mostly due to the companies undergoing restructuring and privatization since a number of them will face bankruptcy and liquidation, and workers will be left jobless.

He said that the mixture of policies that the government is pursuing at this point is good, including the fiscal consolidation measures.

The reforms in the labor market are continuing and after a few years it is expected that the figures will take a different turn, Janmaat said.


  1. “mostly due to the companies undergoing restructuring and privatization”

    Privatization has been very harmful for well over a decade now, yet they keep doing it and doing it. The EU and IMF advice doesn’t help the Serbian economy at all – year after year after year. Several years ago they were saying things would be bad but would turn around in a few year – that never happened.
    Serbia is damaging itself trying to please the anti-Serb EU.

  2. Unemployment rate is much higher than 19%. I believe it is more than 30%. You have a lot of people who left the country and moved mostly to America or Western Europe. All unemployed people should be registered in National employment service, but they are deleted from evidence if they dont appear and confirm unemployment status every 3 months. So, you have a lot of people who left Serbia, and they are automatically deleted from evidence, so you get less number of unemployed. Every year 30.000 people leaves Serbia in search for better life, situation here is catastrophic, especially for young people, as I am one of them.
    And lot of my colleagues also didnt register on this National service, beacuse they dont believe it is necessary, and because National employment service doesnt help a lot in searching for a job, especially for University graduates. It serves mostly for statistical purposes.