European festival of Serbian folklore in Belgrade on May 22


BELGRADE – The 20th European Folklore Festival of the Serbian diaspora and Serbs in the region will take place in Belgrade on May 22-24.


A monograph on European festivals will be launched at the Ethnographic Museum on May 22, after which the participants of this year’s festival will showcase the traditional Serbian folk costumes in a walk down the Knez Mihajlova Street in downtown Belgrade.

The competition part of the event will take place at the Sava Center on May 23 and 24, the organizers said in a release.

A total of 60 traditional Serbian folk dance and song groups, comprising around 4,000 members, will present themselves to the public in Serbia and around the world. Folklore ensembles from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, France, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Republika Srpska and Montenegro will compete for the title of Europe’s best.

The European Folklore Festival of the Serbian diaspora and Serbs in the region is held every year in a different city, in coordination with the European Festival Council, and organized by one of the Council members.

The host of this year’s event is the Serbian Folklore Association of Switzerland, as one of the leading associations in Europe.


  1. Well this leaves out Canadian, U.S., Australian and other non-European diaspora Serb folk groups. There should also be a World Festival of Serbian Folklore to invite more diaspora Serbs.