VARVARIN – Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic attended the ceremony marking 16 years since the NATO bombing of Serbian town of Varvarin, when many civilians were killed.


He said we must not allow those difficult days to fall into oblivion and that we must also think about the present and the future. For the sake of those who were killed in 1999 and to whom we are paying homage, we must not allow bridges to keep us apart, but they need to connect us, said Gasic, having laid a wreath to the memorial plate dedicated to the victims of the NATO bombing on the Varvarin bridge.

On Sunday, 30 May 1999, on the day of the religious festival of the Holy Trinity and the time when the Sunday green market was crowded with people, at 1pm, NATO air forces threw three projectiles on a bridge over the Velika Morava river, killing 10 and heavily wounding 17 people. The youngest person killed was Sanja Milenkovic, a student of the Mathematical Grammar School, who was only 15.