SKOPJE – Macedonia will join the Turkish Stream gas pipeline project when an agreement on it is reached by Moscow and Brussels, Macedonia’s Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski told the Press24 local news portal.


“Our position is that when Brussels and Moscow reach an agreement on this project, we would take part in it. Our eyes are set on the Euro-Atlantic community, and we make decisions of strategic importance on the basis of this goal,” Gruevski said.

When asked about other plans of the Macedonian government on gas supplies and energy security, the prime minister said that the authorities were considering three other sources of the “blue fuel” supplies, TASS reports.

Macedonia plans to receive liquefied natural gas from the port of Athens, to connect to the Trans-Adriatic pipeline (TAP) from Azerbaijan via Greece, and also to receive gas through the gas grid interconnector between Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. Gruevski noted that an agreement on the issue had been reached with Bulgaria. “We hope that an inter-governmental agreement will be signed any time soon,” he added.