ZAGREB – Only 50 kilometers from Zagreb, between Croatia and Slovenia, a Pole has founded “the smallest state in Europe” of 100 square meters, Croatian media reported today.


After Vid Jedlicka proclaimed a “state” Liberland between Croatia and Serbia, Pole K. Vrona did the same, writes

“Kingdom of Enclava” was founded on the land between Slovenian Brezovica near Metlika and Brezovica Zumberacka, 50 kilometers from Zagreb.

Although it does not have a large territory, “Kingdom of Enclava” has its pages on the Internet, as well as profiles on social networks Twitter and Facebook.

Vrona proclaimed himself a “king” and elected several ministers in elections.

Official languages of the new “state” are English, Polish, Croatian, Slovenian and Chinese, and this new “micronation” already has 134 citizens, writes Croatian portal.