PASJANE – A 16-year-old girl attending the secondary school in Pasjane in Kosovo-Metohija was attacked in that village on Tuesday, when an unidentified man hit her with his arm from a passing vehicle, Radio-Television of Kosovo-Metohija has reported.


The incident took place between Pasjane and Gnjilane, in the vicinity of the place where Zoran Kostic was stabbed last night.

“I followed my friend home, and was heading back home when I saw a car going very fast, and when it got near me, it slowed down and I felt a nasty blow on the shoulder, and they murmured something in Albanian. Then, they drove away quickly,” the girl told RTV KiM.

Dragan Nikolic, president of the municipality of Partes-Pasjane, condemned in the strongest terms the latest incident in this village in the Kosovo Morava River basin, and called on the police and the international community to ensure safety for residents of this municipality and bring the culprits to justice.

This is a second attack in Pasjane in the last 24 hours. Last night, Zoran Kostic was stabbed in this village. After the incident was reported, the police arrested one attacker, and are still trying to catch the other.