LIPLJAN – Unidentified persons threw stones at the Braca Aksic elementary school in Lipljan, central Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), and while nobody was injured, the school was left with a broken glass.


The school is located in a majority ethnic Albanian area and is the only school in which there are no classes on Mondays due to Monday being market day, and the incident occurred in the night between Sunday and Monday.

The case has been reported to the Kosovo police, who have launched an investigation into the incident.

Head of the Kosovo Administrative District Srdjan Petkovic told Radio Gracanica that it was not the first time that the school had been attacked by vandals and added that the remaining Serbs in Lipljan were being constantly exposed to various forms of pressure aimed at forcing them leave the place 20 km south of Pristina.

“These provocations are always happening whenever tension is heightened, regardless of whether it is about some kind of sports match or conflict, such as the recent incident in Macedonia. The Serbs feel intimidated and demand that the perpetrators be found and brought to justice. We seek protection from representatives of the international community, because we feel unsafe in our own city,” Petkovic said.

In Lipljan, classes in Serbian are attended by about 60 students. Prior to the beginning of the Kosovo conflict in 1999, there were about 6,000 Serbs in Lipljan while only around 500 of them remain there today.