KLINA – Three unidentified persons broke into the house of Neda and Miodrag Konic, Serb returnees to Klina, Kosovo, late Sunday, inflicted bodily harm on them and robbed them, RTK2 reported.

Illustration - Photo: TANJUG
Illustration – Photo: TANJUG

The Konics received injuries to the chest, due to multiple blows with a blunt object, Bozidar Sarkovic, the president of the temporary municipal governing body in Klina, said.

The elderly couple was asleep when the attackers broke in.

The incident was reported to the police and an investigation has been carried out.

This is not the first time the Konic family has been attacked since they returned to Klina. Similar attacks against Serb returnees in Drsnik, Klinavac and other villages near Klina took place over the past month.

The police have not said if they have caught any of the perpetrators of these attacks.