ORAHOVAC – A group of young ethnic Albanians twice took down OSCE Mission flags from its office in the Serb part of Orahovac, western Kosovo-Metohija, Radio KiM reported.


The flag was first removed in the night between Thursday and Friday, about which an OSCE worker informed the Kosovo police and the OSCE regional office in Prizren.

After the police examined the site, OSCE representatives put up the new flag, which a group of Albanians removed again at around 3 p.m. on Friday, stoning some of the abandoned Serb houses and breaking the windows of the houses belonging to Zivko Grkovic and Jovica Sutakovic and the doors of the shop owned by Mladen Djordjevic along the way.

Other Serbs living in that street were upset by the incident, as they fear that those who broke the windows would return to steal the furniture from the houses.