KLINA – Vlado Raskovic, Serb returnee from the village of Dugonjevo, the municipality of Klina, was robbed in the night between Friday and Saturday, thereby continuing the series of incidents involving Serbs returnees and their property in this municipality in western Kosovo-Metohija.


Vinka Radosavljevic, head of the Pec District, told Tanjug that this is the third attack on the Raskovic family and their property over the last month.

Radosavljevic said that Raskovic was not assaulted this time, but that his personal belongings were snatched, which he reported to the local Kosovo police.

Earlier, thieves stole agricultural machines belonging to Raskovic, who returned to Dugonjevo five years ago.

We condemn these incidents in the harshest terms, Radosavljevic said.

She underlined that Serb returnees fear for their lives and property, adding that the situation is alarming.

Over the last month, a number of attacks on Serb returnees took place in the municipality of Klina, and their property is constantly targeted by robbers.

The Kosovo police have recently arrested seven suspects for attacks on Serb returnees in the municipality of Klina.