Kosovo: Seven suspects arrested for attacks on Serbs in Klina


PRISTINA – The Kosovo police for the region of Pec have arrested seven people, six ethnic Albanians and one Kosovo Montenegrin, suspected of involvement in a series of incidents over the last month, in which returnees to Klina, neighboring villages and the municipality of Istok were robbed and assaulted, Kosovo’s Minister for Communities and Return Dalibor Jevtic said on Wednesday.


As stated in a release, Jevtic said that the ministry received the official information from the Kosovo police for the region of Pec.

“This is very good news, for me and for the institution I run that takes care about returnees, and for returnees themselves. This is good news as it instills hope in a better tomorrow, and sends the clear message to culprits that every offender will be brought to justice,” Jevtic said.

The latest incident happened in the night between Sunday and Monday, when three unidentified people stormed into the house belonging to Neda and Miodrag Konic, attacked and robbed them. The Konics sustained injuries to the chest due to multiple blows with a blunt object.