SKOPJE – A spokesman for Macedonian Interior Ministry Ivo Kotevski said that the police found bodies of 14 terrorists in uniforms.

“Ministry of Interior is in process of identifying the killed terrorists. The terrorist group had more than 40 people, and terrorists were planning attacks on Macedonian institutions,” said Kotevski.

He said that a large arsenal of weapons was found, and that leaders of the armed group were Muhamed Krasniqi, also known as “Commander Malisheva”, Mirsad Ndrecaj known as the “NATO commander”, Sami Uskini known as “Commander Sokoli”, Beg Rizaj alias “Commander Begu” and Dem Shehu called “Juniku” – all from Kosovo. Among the identified, Kotevski said, is also Jafar Zumberi from Djakovica.

He specified that the group entered Macedonia in early May with the intention to begin with terrorist attacks.

The group participating in the armed clashes in Kumanovo stated that they are members of the National Liberation Army, reports.

The group issued a statement, confirming their participation in the armed clashes with the Macedonian police forces, however, they denied the label given to them by the Macedonian Interior Minister, Gordana Jankulovska.

“The armed conflict in Kumanovo and its surroundings is a determined reaction of the National Liberation Army structures, not ‘terrorist groups’, as the Interior Minister of FYROM stated”, said the statement.

The city of Kumanovo is returning to normalcy, after a two-day state of emergency and conflict between police forces and civilian groups.

Latest reports from Kumanovo say that the police forces have left from part of the city, inhabited by ethnic Albanians, removing the post-blocks too. Resident have started to get out of their homes after two days of horror.

Criminal investigators and legal expertise technicians are currently working on the scene.

A number of families from Kumanovo have fled the city, seeking refuge in Likova, another area mainly populated by ethnic Albanians.

On the other hand, mayor of Kumanovo announced the the state of emergency in the city and closure of schools for the days to come.