SKOPJE – The arrested leaders of the terrorist group that mounted the attack in Kumanovo include former bodyguards of Kosovo Albanian politicians, Macedonian media report.


The persons that surrendered to the Macedonian police after 16 hours of conflicts in Kumanovo include Muhamed Krasnići, the so-called commander Mališeva, Mirsad Ndrecaj, the so-called commander Nato, Sami Ukšini, the so-called commander of Sokoli, Beg Rizaj, the so-called commander Begu and Dene Šehu, the so-called commander Juniku, who took part in conflicts in Kosovo as a KLA member and also in the conflict in Macedonia in 2001.

After the conflict in Macedonia, he was the bodyguard of the leader of the Democratic Union for Integrations, Ali Ahmeti. Beg Rizaj was a KLA member and after conflicts in Kosovo the bodyguard of the former leader of the KLA and the Alliance for the future of Kosovo, Ramuš Haradinaj. Sami Ukšini’s family was the base of the KLA. Muhamet Krasnići took part as a KLA member in conflicts in Kosovo and in 2001 in conflicts in Macedonia.