KUMANOVO – As stated by reporters from the scene, a group of 70 terrorists is eliminated as a threat. Macedonian media report that 27 of them surrendered carrying white sheets, and the rest of the group is killed.

Photo from: Novosti.rs
Photo from: Novosti.rs

Earlier today special police units in armored vehicles have locked down a suburb of Kumanovo, some 40 kilometers north of the capital of Macedonia, Skopje. There were reports of a gunfire early on May 9 in the mainly ethnic Albanian city and unconfirmed reports of injuries, including at least 20 police officers.

Macedonian police announced that in Kumanovo is a terrorist group that came from “abroad”, reports Plusinfo.

They are a well-trained and well armed group of Albanians, as reported by some Macedonian media. PR of Macedonian Interior Ministry said that police was attacked with bombs and snipers.

In the police action against the group, which, according to a police estimate includes more than 50 people, 20 policemen and civilians were wounded, some of them, with serious injuries, were transported to the hospital in Skopje.

It has been confirmed that three policemen died in the hospital, although the exact number of victims is still not known.

According to unconfirmed information, members of the terrorist group are wearing UCK (KLA – Kosovo Liberation Army) uniforms, and they are trying to break through to the city center.

The clashes followed the appearance of armed groups in the hills around Kumanovo.

Albanian media quoted a statement of the so-called “National Liberation Army” (NLA), which claimed responsibility for the attacks, saying that the army and police carried out “terror against civilians” and announced even fiercer attacks on the security forces of Macedonia.

“We will continue to attack the police and the army without mercy. We will fight to the end to unite territories with Albanian population. Today we are stronger, and tomorrow we will be even stronger. We are everywhere.”

UCK - NLA logo
UCK – NLA logo

The National Liberation Army (Albanian: Ushtria Çlirimtare Kombëtare – UÇK; Macedonian: Ослободителна народна армија – ОНА, Osloboditelna narodna armija – ONA), also known as the Macedonian UÇK, is a militant organization closely associated with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA).

Macedonian media report that the police is evacuating a part of the population of Kumanovo and that army’s helicopters are flying over Skopje.

The Serbian Special Forces are sent to border with Macedonia.