NIS – Day of remembrance for civilian victims of NATO aggression killed in cluster munition attacks in Serbia in 1999 was commemorated in the southern Serbian city of Nis on Thursday.


The day is being observed for the first time this year, as part of the government’s program of marking anniversaries of historical events in Serbian liberation wars.

The international order collapsed in the skies over Serbia 16 years ago, and the evil that broke loose in the spring that year is now crushing countries around the world and destroys peoples, states and nations, Serbian Minister for Veteran Policy Aleksandar Vulin said at the wreath laying ceremony.

Nobody can really say where this great evil will end, but they do can say where and when it began – in Nis on May 7, 1999, when cluster bombs killed 16 civilians, including a seven-month pregnant woman, Vulin said.

Wreaths were laid at the memorial to the victims of the NATO attacks by representatives of the diplomatic corps, the City of Nis, the armed forces and the police, the Serbian-Russian humanitarian center and associations of organizations guarding tradition of liberation wars.