BELGRADE – Serbia will act on the arrest warrant issued for the temporarily released ICTY indictee Vojislav Seselj if and when this warrant is received, because it would be obliged to do so, said Sasa Obradovic who, by the decision of the Serbian government, is in charge of the procedure of Seselj’s return to the ICTY detention unit.

AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic
AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic

We will act on the warrant as it is our obligation, and the decision regarding the request for Seselj’s return will be made by the relevant court, following the legal procedure, said Obradovic.

He said that the decision of the ICTY Appeals Chamber granting the motion of the Prosecutor and requesting the government of Serbia to immediately arrest Seselj was received on Monday, but that the actual arrest warrant has not been received yet.

The decision is a kind of request to the state, but without an arrest warrant, no procedure can be initiated in line with the domestic law on cooperation with the ICTY, Obradovic pointed out.

He added that the arrest warrant is to be sent to the Ministry of Justice, and then forwarded to a pre-trial judge who will decide if there are grounds for extradition.

“It is the procedure applied by the local judiciary and we should not interfere in it,” said Obradovic.