BELGRADE – Dissatisfied citizens who have loans in Swiss francs have already started making artificial crowds in banks, but they also have other plans, writes Serbian daily “Blic”.


From next week bank directors will receive complaints on bricks, boards, automobile hoods,…

After their banks and National Bank of Serbia (NBS) made it clear that they do not want to negotiate solutions for housing loans in Swiss francs, the Association of banking clients “Efektiva” began seriously to work on activities that will block the operation of banks, writes the daily.

Dissatisfied bank clients, whose loan monthly payments have increased by 80 percent, have already began to write complaints which will arrive to banks’ headquarters in largest possible packages, and the intention is also to have groups of about 50 people coming to banks thus obstructing the work.

“Banks are so arrogant so we have designed measures to compete with them. Beginning with next week, we will, in organized order, bring our complaints written on automobile hoods, old doors, plywood, 10 squares-long nylon…. They have to accept such shipments by law because it is not prescribed that a complaint must be written only on paper. Otherwise, we will appeal to the Central Bank who has the right to impose penalty of 100,000 dinars to the bank that refuses to accept the complaint,” said president of the Association of banking clients “Efektiva”, Dejan Gavrilovic.

Marko Vasic, whose loan installment in Swiss francs jumped from 350 euros in 2008 to 570 euros this year, says that dissatisfied clients will create artificial crowds in the banks which would effectively block their work.

“Last week 70 dissatisfied citizens entered a branch office. Each of us stood in line, waiting to pay the installment of two dinars, and then again returned into the line. We practically blocked the work of the bank, officials were in panic, and managers were sweating even though the temperature was 19 Celsius degrees. The epilogue was that we were received by the executive board of the bank with agreement that we will, however, continue talks on the problem and solutions,” said Vasic for “Blic”.

Banks do not want to officially comment the announced blockade. Unofficially, however, many banks are considering what to do, knowing that their hands are “tied”.

“We will prepare the best possible answer. However, we are aware that the law is on the side of dissatisfied customers. Regulations say that banks have to receive complaints no matter on what they are written. It is only important that such document contains all the required elements. We also have to receive payments of two dinars because the petty cash is also means of payment,” said a source in one of the banks.

Only 1.5 percent or 300 citizens who have this kind of loans agreed to some mitigating redemption model proposed by the National Bank of Serbia about a month ago.

NBS did not have a comment.