BELGRADE – The majority of citizens are in support of Serbia’s EU membership and expect that it will happen in around 10 years or less, shows a survey conducted by Medium Gallup.


The survey done for the EU Delegation to Serbia showed that 59 percent of citizens are for Serbia’s EU membership, 34 percent are against, while six percent said they do not know.

The EU Delegation to Serbia stated that the reasons behind supporting the EU integration process are of the economic nature and refer to better future and prosperity (46%), better living standard (38%) and better employment chances (34%).

The relationship of the citizens toward the EU is stable since 47 percent said that their stance is generally positive in the latest survey as well as the one carried out in 2014.

If the referendum on Serbia’s EU accession were held today, 73 percent would vote, 55 percent would vote for, while 26 percent would be against.

The survey comprised a total of 1,265 adult subjects who were interviewed face to face.