BELGRADE – After the Serbian Ministry of Justice received a request from the Hague Tribunal for Vojislav Seselj to return from temporary release, the ICTY indictee said he will not go back to the Scheveningen detention unit voluntarily, nor run away.


“You should ask the Serbian government what they are going to do. I said what I had to say – I am not going back voluntarily, nor running away,” Seselj told Tanjug on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, Tanjug got confirmation from the Ministry of Justice that they have received a document from the ICTY requesting Seselj’s return to the detention unit from which he was temporarily released in November 2014 due to poor health.

Commenting on announcements made by the Serbian government that it will act within the law and in accordance with international public law once they receive the request, Seselj said the government will in that case actually break the law, as the law, under the Constitution of Serbia, guarantees human rights.

“All of my human rights were violated in The Hague,” Seselj pointed out.