BELGRADE – Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) and its believers mark today the Ascension holiday, in Serbia known as Spasovdan.


Ascension is one of ten holidays dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ, celebrated 40 days after Easter, and ten days before the Holy Trinity (Pentecost), and is always on Thursday.

Ascension is the memory of the day when Jesus Christ, on the 40th day after resurrection last appeared to his students – the Twelve Apostols, ascended into heaven and “sat down at the right hand of God”.

Spasovdan is slava of the City of Belgrade, which thus keeps the memory on the day in 1403 when Despot Stefan Lazarevic proclaimed it as the Serbian capital. Ascension, as Belgrade’s slava, was restored in 1993 when the procession passed down the city streets for the first time in 46 years. The procession has an established route, symbolically closing the circle in the yard of the Ascension Church, which was built as the city temple.

Marking of the city’s slava began with the liturgy in the Church of Ascension at 9am. At the yard of the Ascension Church, commemoration to civilians killed during the bombing of Belgrade on April 6 1941 was held.