“Avoid the man who will not say where he is staying, because it can easily happen that a wife with young children are waiting for him there. Be careful with people who waste money, because it is not hard to conclude what they want to buy with it. Do not avoid shy boys, because golden souls are often hidden in them,” this was stated in May 1973 edition of the then Yugopapir.

Photo: Illustration - Author: Unknown
Photo: Illustration – Author: Unknown

A moment is coming when you, and hundreds of thousands young boys and girls will pack you suitcases and go for a summer trip. No matter how many days you will be staying, you certainly want everyone to be pleasant. You are probably secretly wishing for a love romance. There are no difficulties in attracting men while you are young, dressed in a mini-dress, maxi-glasses and bronze skin, but you have to be careful from the beginning not to attract the wrong kind of men.

That is the only way the summer vacation will be truly wonderful.

So read these few advices and check later if they were helpful.

On the way there…

The closer you come to the place where you will spend your vacation, you will meet more people you will see again. It can easily happen that a young man tries to get closer with you at the very arrival, not too handsome, but obviously eager for your company.

AVOID telling the exact place where you will stay or arranging a meeting with this kind of young man.

Such quick courtship can be flattering, and if you are shy by nature you will be afraid that you will make no acquintances so such meeting will be welcome.

However, the summer vacation has not even started yet, and if you attach yourself immediately, i can turn out that the young man is a pest who will not only bother you, but at the same time, will prevent other, more handsome young men to approach you.

This is how your entire summer vacation can be ruined.

If you don’t find someone more handsome in the first few days, you can always turn to him, so discretly check his name on the card on his suitcase and remember where he will be staying.

Regarding this there is no confusion – there is something phisically unattractive in him and he knows it, that is why he chases the most handsome girl that comes by, because he knows that later he will not have many chances for success.

Also be careful and avoid too handsome men who can be in some official role: guides, drivers, etc.

Seeing him can make your palms sweat from excitement, but keep your head clear and repeat:

“He does the same with all the girls!”


If you see him a week later, when you got used to summer atmosphere and maybe got a little tougher, you can risk a date with him, but do not believe what he says or make too many commitments.

If you are traveling with a group, avoid the boy who is the funniest and the soul of the whole group. It is good to laugh, but it can be boring to hear his jokes for the fifth or sixth time.

Keep to sober but careful young men, who will not make you laugh much, but will stay with you when the luggage needs carrying.

Remember, if his skin is white because he did not catch the sun, he will be more understanding when you go through phases of redness – from red like a cancer to bronze.

Know that men who have caught bronze color at the beginning of the vacation can be:

a) sportsmen – too spoiled with quick conquer and ready to break up quickly;
b) with false bronze skin – if they can lie about it, they can lie about anything else and
c) professional seducers – they move from summer resort to resort, and it is not hard to guess who pays for their good time!

When you arrive…

Remember that a young man, your first neighbor in the hotel, motel, tent or anywhere else, can be very appropriate as a company on the first day, but can be a pest if you can’t get away from him for two weeks.

It is specially not good to bump into a patronizing type who will then meddle into all your love adventures.

Use your advantages while you are a newcommer.

You can speak to any man who looks decent and ask for information about the beach, post office, souvenire shop, etc. (even if you know it very well!), and he will answer, and maybe even accompany you there.

Avoid men who find them selves too smart, who claim to know fantastic places and are ready to take you there, and they cannot be found in any of the toYurist guides or maps.

At the beach

One should avoid boys who never have change money with them, so you pay for the parasol, chairs for sunbathing and icecream. A young man – miser is even worse when he is on summer vacation.

Think well who you meet at night.

A beautiful young man with bronze skin, an idol for 90 percent of women at the beach, can turn into a very dull and stupid fellow.

Do not overlook the guy who spends half his time on the beach building sand castles for children or is playing football and sees nothing else.

When the night comes, the football fever will end, so he can turn into a very decent and fun guy.

So watch his training, return the ball if it goes out of the field, magically smile and wait!

In the dark

The dark requires extraordinary precaution. Everything young men tell you in the dark – think twice about it, and then if anything is left as possibly true – believe.

Dismiss a quarter as courting, a quarter as romance, a quarter on sea, and a quarter on the dark – the remaining accept as true.

Summer vacation has its laws and rules, and of them is: do not take anything too seriously, and least of all build plans for the future on the basis of the adventures from the summer vacation.

In addition to ordinary precaution warning, there are special ones.

Avoid the man who will not say where he is staying, because it can easily happen that a wife with young children are waiting for him there.

Be careful with people who waste money, because it is not hard to conclude what they want to buy with it.

Do not avoid shy boys, because golden souls are often hidden in them.

Save yourself from disapointment. Do not give your home address to anyone, but if you have the feeling that a young man is thinking serious, ask for his. If he avoids to give it to you – erase him.