BELGRADE – Serbia does not understand the meaning and goal of the resolution on Srebrenica which would impact destabilisation in the region and the political relations in Serbia, states the release which Belgrade sent to permanent members of the UN Security Council (UNSC) in response to the British draft resolution on Srebrenica.


The letter which Tanjug had a chance to see states that Serbia honours all victims killed in the conflict in the territory of former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and strongly believes that the memory and activities which aim to preserve the remembrance of the past need to serve the interests of reconciliation and promotion of regional cooperation and good neighbourly relations.

The letter states that the heritage of the past must not pose an obstacle to shared future.

Serbia was surprised to receive the UNSC draft resolution from Great Britain to mark the 20th anniversary of the crime in Srebrenica.

Serbia believes that no resolution can contribute to reconciliation in the region and thinks that such a document would instead give rise to tensions, frictions and additional destabilisation, states the letter.