GRACANICA – Serbian Patriarch Irinej held the Holy Liturgy at Kosovo’s Gracanica Monastery on Sunday in the memory of Serbian Prince Lazar and Kosovo heroes, who lost their lives in the fight against Turks on June 28, 1389.

Illustration - Photo: Tanjug / Dragan Stanković
Illustration – Photo: Tanjug / Dragan Stanković

The liturgy was attended by Serbian officials and several hundred faithful from Kosovo- Metohija and Serbia proper, Republika Srpska and Montenegro. Members of the families of missing and kidnapped Serbs were standing in the front rows carrying billboards with photographs of the missing.

Addressing the people gathered in the monastery yard, dignitaries and politicians noted that unity is the key to the survival and stay of the Serbian people in the southern province.

The ceremony started on Saturday with a concert of the Radio Television Serbia (RTS) Symphony Orchestra, which was followed by a poetry evening dedicated to St. Vitus during which awards were presented to outstanding Serbian writers.

Playwright Dusan Kovacevic, who won the Golden Cross of Prince Lazar award, underlined in his address that the beauty of the Gracanica Monastery makes him feel joyous and sad at the same time.

“I am happy because of the beauty of this building dating back from the 14th century and saddened because it is fenced by barbed wire as in a camp,” said Kovacevic.