PRISTINA, BELGRADE – Minister for Communities and Return in the Kosovo government Dalibor Jevtic said the robberies of the returnees to Klina municipality should be stopped immediately.


“We must not allow individuals to prevent our plan to provide the returnees to Klina with a safe environment”, said Jevtic in reaction to the robbery of Silvija Raskovic, an employee at the Office for Communities and Return in the Klina municipality.

He requested an urgent police reaction and an arrest of those who stole the tractor attachments and other tools from Raskovic on Saturday night by which they inflicted serious material damage.

“Silvija Raskovic is a returnee and she intends to stay in Klina”, said Jevtic and stressed that the Office for Communities and Return will help not only her but everyone who wants to come back and remain in Kosovo-Metohija (KiM).

A robbery happened in Klina last Wednesday as well when all poultry was stolen from a returnee Kata Grujic – an incident condemned by all three Serb representatives in the Kosovo government.