BELGRADE – A total of 1,654 missing persons – including 535 Serbs and other non-Albanians – are currently being sought in the territory of Kosovo-Metohija, the head of the Serbian government commission on missing persons, Veljko Odalovic, said on Thursday.


“That is an enormous number, regardless of the fact that we have solved more than 1,700 cases so far,” Odalovic said on the 16th anniversary of the kidnapping and killing of over 50 Serb civilians in Metohija’s Istok municipality in June 1999.

Speaking at an event commemorating the crime, Odalovic said that all locations in central Serbia have been examined during the search for ethnic Albanian victims.

That is not the case in Kosovo-Metohija, because there is no equal readiness on the other (ethnic Albanian) side to search for Serb victims, Odalovic said.

Natasa Scepanovic, the president of the association of the families of people kidnapped and murdered in Kosovo-Metohija, said that the crimes against Serbs were committed by ethnic Albanian terrorists in the wake of the NATO bombing and the arrival of international forces in Serbia’s southern province.

Individual and group kidnappings, rapes and abuse took place right in front of their eyes, she said.

It is incomprehensible that neither KFOR nor UNMIK did anything to protect the Serbs and other non-Albanians, Scepanovic noted.