BELGRADE – According to the most recent data on the persons went missing during the 1990s wars in Croatia and Serbia aligned with the list of the International Red Cross there are 1,606 people recorded as missing at the moment, while the remains of 424 people are still being sought.


Veljko Odalovic, president of the Serbian government’s Commission on Missing Persons, said that compared to the last record from 2012, the new list includes 60 persons more, while meanwhile 360 cases have been solved.

He said at a joint press conference with Ivan Grujic, president of the Croatian government’s Commission on Detained and Missing Persons, at the Palace of Serbia that the two commissions agreed that all obligations assumed at earlier meetings have been fulfilled, adding that the only thing left is to solve open issues waiting for an epilogue for ten years already.

It has to do with the alleged dislocation of mass graves from eastern Slavonia, the request for the return of documents from the Vukovar hospital, exhumation of certain tombs and the members of the Yugoslav People’s Army who lost their lives in the prison camps in Croatia – Bjelovar, Karlovci and Lora, he said.