BELGRADE – More than 80 percent of young Serbian scientists believe that the prospect in Serbia for them is poor or non-existent. Even 30 percent plans to leave the country, however, as the reason they do not mention primarily financial situation, but the disturbed system of values, a study conducted by the association “Doctoral Students of Serbia” has shown.


As reasons for leaving Serbia they primarily speak of nepotism, corruption, negative selection, impossibility of employment after the completion of doctoral studies, the lack of adequate conditions for the continuation of the research, shows the study.

“That is what hurts the most the young scientists and what causes them to leave Serbia,” said for Tanjug president of the association Slobodan Radicev and said that many doctoral students, even when they have a job in the desired institution, often cannot support themselves or their families with their income.

What is worrisome is that a survey on the condition of doctoral studies, conducted during 2014 on 447 respondents, had 40 percent of them saying that they do not know if they would leave Serbia, while only 5 percent were certain they would not leave the country.

Countries where they see themselves in the future are primarily Scandinavian countries, followed by Germany, the Benelux countries, France, the United Kingdom and the most popular countries outside Europe are the United States, Canada and Australia.

Radicev says that the latest results are worse than those in 2010 and they only confirm the report of the World Economic Forum that we are among the leaders by the brain drain, because of measured 144 countries, Serbia occupies 141st place.

Also, the devastating conclusion of the survey is that 60 percent of respondents believe that they will not be able to find a job in Serbia after they finish doctoral studies, and our young scientists also complain about the problem with publication of their papers in predatory magazines.

The analysis of this issue led to the alarming data, because more than 58 percent of doctoral students believe that there is a serious problem in Serbia with publication in predatory magazines. On the other hand, only 6 percent believes that such a problem does not exist.

The research has shown that there is a lot of pressure on doctoral students to add names of their colleagues, professors, associates on their work, although the person was not involved. Even 36 percent of respondents said that they have personally met with such pressure, and 75 percent said that there is a serious problem in Serbia with adding authors on scientific papers.

Also, the problem is that only a few of our faculties seriously approach to the problem of plagiarism. Only three or four institutions have said that their faculty uses certain software to detect plagiarism. However, after last year’s problems and scandals they have begun to approach to this problem more seriously.

The Novi Sad Association of PhD students and young researchers of Serbia, shortened Doctoral Students of Serbia, is a national association of PhD students of both the state and private universities in Serbia.