BELGRADE – The Higher Court in Belgrade said in release Thursday that it had been officially informed that Naser Oric, former commander of the Muslim army group that had been in charge of the Srebrenica region during the Bosnian war, had been arrested in Switzerland on the day before.


The Higher Court’s war crimes department said that the investigative proceedings against Oric and others had been launched in December 2011 over charges of war crimes against civilians. On December 26, 2013, the investigative judge on the case ordered Oric placed into custody.

A competent interior affairs authority was then ordered to issue an arrest warrant for Oric.

Oric was arrested in Thonex in the Canton of Geneva yesterday. The order for the arrest was issued by the Swiss Federal Office of Justice based on a February 3, 2014 request from the Serbian authorities.

The FOJ said in a release that Oric had been granted a hearing and was being held in detention pending extradition.

The FOJ release says that the Serbian authorities suspect that, between 1992 and 1995, Oric and other members of the Bosnian Muslim forces repeatedly attacked Serb villages in the Srebrenica region, to drive out the civilian Serb population with a campaign of intimidation, torture and murder.