Serbia: Prices getting closer to EU level, salaries far from it


BELGRADE – Serbian citizens pay for goods more than citizens of several members of the Union, even though the average salary in Serbia is less than half of European minimum wage, writes Serbian daily “Blic”.


According to published data of Eurostat, food is more expensive in Serbia than in Bulgaria, Romania or Poland. Compared by prices of clothing, Serbia is close to European average. At the same time, clothes and shoes are cheaper in Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The situation is similar with prices of electronics. They can be found at lowest prices in Hungary, Poland or the Czech Republic.

Otherwise, the lowest prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages in the EU are in Poland, alcohol and cigarettes are cheapest in Bulgaria, clothes in Hungary, and cars in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic and Poland also have the lowest prices of electronics, while going to the cafe is the most cost-effective in Bulgaria.

Even lower prices than on the European level, compared to us, have Bulgarians, Macedonians and Albanians, while slightly higher prices of consumer goods and services in the region are recorded in Romania, Montenegro, Hungary and Croatia.


  1. Belgrade is the EU continent equivalent of Silicone Valley. Why would all these foreign companies be paying so much for all the software & development here if they did not find a huge advantage over the rest of Europe for skilled people and fair value? Serbia has it great, just try doing some business in any of the former Yugoslav provinces/now countries because, just to travel on their highways costs 3-4X times more than Serbia so, why bother comparing anything else. IT is dead in Cro & Slo so, the rest of us should be happy the cost of living has a little lift to the local economy. Belgrade Software #1.