BELGRADE – Serbia has formally requested the extradition of wartime Muslim Bosniak commander Naser Oric who was recently arrested in Switzerland on Serbia’s warrant for alleged war crimes, Tanjug learned at the Ministry of Justice.


The extradition request sent to Switzerland is accompanied by documents from the Serbian Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor over the suspected war crimes allegedly committed by the former commander of Muslim forces in Srebrenica.

Oric was ordered into extradition detention after his arrest in Bern on June 10.

In 2006, the Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Netherlands sentenced Oric to two years’ imprisonment for failing to prevent the deaths of seven and the mistreatment of eleven Serb detainees during the period from late 1992 to early 1993 on the basis of superior criminal responsibility. In 2008, the Appeals Chamber of the ICTY reversed the Trial Chamber’s conviction and acquitted Oric of all charges brought against him.