PRESEVO – Serbian Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Aleksandar Vulin and Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic spoke with migrants in Presevo, south of central Serbia, on Monday, announcing the opening of a collective centre to accommodate them.

Bratislav Gasic - Photo:
Bratislav Gasic – Photo:

The ministers toured a facility that is being adapted to accommodate migrants and spoke with migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and other countries, for whom Serbia is a transit country on their way to European Union states.

Food, medicine and other necessary aid has been provided to migrants, and another temporary collective centre – to accommodate around 300 refugees, who are arriving on a daily basis – will be ready by Friday, said Vulin, who heads a government work group set up to deal with the issue of migrants.

By late Sunday, security services, border police and the Gendarmerie turned away 520 people who had attempted to cross the border illegally in 17 groups, Vulin said.

At the same time, 170 asylum seekers in Serbia have received their documents and police procedures have been expedited, Vulin said.

Defence Minister Gasic said that members of the Serbian Armed Forces and other security services are engaged in Presevo, most of all, in providing health care.

Gasic said that the Nis military hospital has set up a triage and emergency medical assistance checkpoint in Presevo.