BELGRADE – The Journalists Union of Serbia (SINOS) called for an urgent change of the media laws on Tuesday, and called on the Serbian government to find a solution that would be in the interest of the public, SINOS released in a statement.


Continuing the process of media privatization would ruin journalism in Serbia, said SINOS President Dragana Cabarkapa at the annual meeting of the European Federation of Journalists in Budva, Montenegro, adding that the democratic public calls for bringing this process to an end.

The set of media laws has in no way stimulated the establishment of a social dialogue, which does not exist in the Serbian media. There are no unions in privately-owned media in Serbia because employers are against their establishment, while in fear of lay off employees put up with low and irregular salaries and uncertain employment status, SINOS stated.

Increasing censorship and self-censorship result in controlled instead of free media, the union said, adding that in a year since the adoption of the set of media laws the situation has considerably deteriorated.


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