The Association for the protection, upbringing and study of animals “Zoo Planet”, which also deals with removal of reptiles daily receives up to 20 calls and intervenes six to ten times in Nis and city surroundings.


President of the Association Dusan Stojanovic says that volunteers, from April this year up to now, caught about 70 snakes in Nis and city surroundings, but that these are all non-toxic creatures – whip snake, grass snake and dice snake.

Venomous snakes have not been spotted so far.

In Aleksinac, a snake crawled into the window of children’s room, in a pharmacy in Nis it was under laminate, one was in the plaster in the ceiling, one on the hanging element of the kitchen in a house, a report came from the Faculty of Sciences, but that one escaped, recounted Dusan some of the incidents.

Citizens noticed a badger in an urban part of Nis a few weeks ago and called “Zoo Planet”, he said.

Volunteers went to find it, but without success. They found the lair and six entrance-exit holes, as well as the remains of the food the animal dragged into the lair, the director told Tanjug.

He added that they are waiting for a call to intervene, but badger is a night animal, it does not like noise and fuss, and appears only late in the night.

All caught snakes and animals are returned to their natural habitat, the injured are healed until full recovery by volunteers.

“Zoo Planet” is a non-profit association funded by voluntary contributions from citizens, from donations and from foreign funds, only the city and the state are not helping.