Vucic: Serbia blackmailed by Kosovo


BELGRADE – Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic has pointed that Serbia’s priority is the preservation of the stability in the region, as without it all economic measures will be fruitless, and he criticized certain countries that are blackmailing the official Belgrade with Kosovo.


In the speech he gave at the European Forum in Wachau, Vucic has warned of several concerning signals and events that present a much bigger problem than the dispute between the Serbs and Albanians. He has reminded that recently 28 people were killed in Macedonia, and added he would like to see more stability in Bosnia-Herzegovina, too. The Prime Minister has pointed that the majority of Serbian citizens are still proponents of the EU, but Union’s popularity in the country is on decline, the reasons for that being not economic, but political in nature. The screening process is completed, but none of the negotiating chapters have been opened yet, because some of the European countries are waiting for the finalization of certain issues regarding Kosovo, Vucic noted.

He has stressed that after the Brussels agreement in the Belgrade-Pristina dialog, several more agreements were signed, and gave the example of the agreement on judiciary, while assessing that it was more difficult for Serbia that the Brussels agreement itself. We are facing harsher stipulations than Romania and Bulgaria, but without complaining. We would not be the poorest country in the EU even if we joined it right now, but our desire is to strengthen the economy even more, said Vucic. Speaking of Serbia, he reminded that the country had implemented difficult reforms and a lot still had to be done to reach the European standards, but according to the World Bank’s rankings, the business setting has climbed from the 91st to the 41st place.

In view of the region, Vucic said it was important to invest in infrastructure, especially the traffic network. The highway Nis-Tirana is very important, and if the EU is unable to finance it, they should say so, because we will then do it from our own budget. I did not come here to ask you for money, because we are earning our own and doing our best to attract as many investors as possible, The Serbian Prime Minister stressed in his speech at the European Forum in Wachau.