PRISTINA – Europe has the instruments to penalize Kosovo unless a special court is constituted soon which would be in charge of crimes committed by the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), EU Special Representative in Kosovo Samuel Zbogar stated.


The longer the constitution of the special court is postponed, the more damage Kosovo would suffer, Zbogar said late on Friday in an interview for TV Klan Kosova.

The Slovenian diplomat confirmed that European citizens have the same opinion about the court like the U.S., but he added that Europe has ways to penalise Kosovo in case the court is not set up soon.

It is time for a decision to be reached concerning the special court, he said and added that constitutional amendments have been filed to the parliament and the law is completed, which is why there is no obvious reason to postpone the voting in the parliament.

Zbogar noted that questions are voiced every day from European capitals as to why the constitution of the special court is being delayed.

We need to keep explaining that this is a difficult process, but the longer it is postponed, the more damage would be inflicted to Kosovo, the EU special representative concluded.