BANJA LUKA – Citizens have called the police of Republika Srpska (RS) to say they have recognized the people from photographs suspected of having organized or been involved in the attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic at the commemoration for Muslim victims in Potocari, Srebrenica.

Photo: Republika Srpska Police
Photo: Republika Srpska Police

Citizens have called the police after the RS interior ministry released photographs of persons for whom there is reasonable suspicion of involvement in the attack on Prime Minister Vucic in Potocari on July 11.

According to the police info, citizens recognized the faces of A.M., E.H., M.D. and F.H., Banja Luka-based Alternativna TV broadcasted, and daily Nezavisne novine posted on its news website.

RS Police Director Gojko Vasic said Thursday that some 20 people were suspected of involvement in the attack on Prime Minister Vucic and the RS Ministry of Interior was working hard to identify them.

We have identified some of them and we have photos showing faces of others, and we will continue to exchange information with agencies of the BiH Federation and colleagues from Serbia, said Vasic.