ZAGREB – The Serb National Council and the Anti-Fascist Alliance of Croatia held a ceremony to mark the 74th anniversary of the Srb uprising, which took place on July 27, 1941 in Srb, a village in the Gracac municipality, Croatia.


They also laid wreaths at the monument to the victims of Ustasha (Croatia’s nazis) crimes committed at the time of Ante Pavelic’s Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

At the same time, protesters led by the Autochthonous Croatian Party of Rights (A-HSP) and surrounded by police waved national flags from the time of NDH and chanted the wartime Ustasha fascist slogan “Za dom spremni” (“Ready for the homeland”), but were not allowed to come near the monument.

They denied the crimes committed in Ustasha death camps, where 600,000 Serbs were killed, as well as 80,000 Roma people and 34,000 Jews. The A-HSP supporters said that only 400 people died in the concentration camp of Jasenovac, while only one dead body was found in the pits of the Velebit mountains, where Jadovno concentration camp was founded in 1941.

Milorad Pupovac, the president of the Serb National Council, which represents Croatia’s Serb minority, said that this rally is organized by the people who hate, who would like to expel the Serbs again and who told him he should be the first among them.

Pupovac also said that representatives of the Serb National Council and other antifascist organizations gather in Srb not to glorify war and spread hatred, but for the same reasons the rebels gathered 74 years ago – in order to live in peace in a country where laws will be the same for all.