BANJALUKA/BELGRADE – The attack on Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic is the best proof that Potocari are not the place of commemoration, but rather a political showdown, President of Republika Srpska (RS) Milorad Dodik stated on Saturday.

Photo: Z.Zestic / Tanjug
Photo: Z.Zestic / Tanjug

“The attack on the prime minister of Serbia indicates that Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH) is a deeply divided society, while the crime in Srebrenica was politicized and commercialized,” Dodik said for Radio RS.

He underlined that the attack on Prime Minister Vucic and the Serbian delegation is an attack on the entire Serbian people and good intentions and will for reconciliation among peoples.

In a statement for Belgrade-based TV Pink, Dodik said that it is not only that Bosniaks politicized the commemoration of the crime in Srebrenica in the previous days, and created an atmosphere of lynch.

The intention of lynch is what awaits all Serbs in Potocari, and this is the reason why no other Serbs appeared there, he said.

I appreciate Vucic’s courage and his policy of reconciliation, but it seems this is not enough, Dodik underlined.

Stressing that Vucic did not deserve to be attacked, the RS president thanked him for the good intentions in the interest of Serbs.

Dodik expressed belief that the attack on the Serbian prime minister and the delegation in Potocari was planned in advance since there is no other explanation why people would carry stones to such a gathering, adding that he will urge a detailed investigation.