BELGRADE – President of the Coalition of Refugee Associations in Serbia Miodrag Linta condemned the adoption of a resolution on Srebrenica in the European Parliament (EP) on Thursday.


Singling out one crime from all the others will certainly not contribute to the reconciliation between Serbs and Bosniaks, but cause even greater lack of trust and understanding between the two nations, the Coalition of Refugee Associations said in a release.

The EP has missed the opportunity to pass a resolution that would condemn all crimes in Bosnia-Herzegovina and thus contribute to the healing of divisions and easing of tensions in BiH.

He appealed to the initiator of the Srebrenica resolution, Croatian MEP Ivan Jakovcic, to show that he is a principled and truth-loving politician and initiate a resolution in the EP that would condemn mass crimes during and after Operation Strom in 1995, when Croatian armed forces under the command of Janko Bobetko, Ante Gotovina and other Croatian generals killed more than 2,000 Serb prisoners and civilians and expelled around 220,000 Krajina Serbs in a matter of days.

Operation Storm is the largest-scale ethnic cleansing carried out in Europe after World War II, and the government of Croatia should declare August 5 a day of remembrance for all those who perished in the territory of Croatia, the release states.