JAGODINA – Dragan Markovic, leader of the United Serbia (JS), stated on Thursday that the decision of the European Parliament (EP) to adopt the resolution on Srebrenica is a continuation of the policy of double standards and does not contribute to reconciliation in the Western Balkan region.


“The EP should condemn all crimes in Srebrenica, including the ones committed by the units of (former commander of the Muslim forces) Naser Orlic,” Markovic said in a written statement for the media.

The JS (party of the ruling coalition) now expects the EP to hold a session on August 5 on the 20th anniversary of Croatia’s military operation Storm that resulted in the expulsion of 230,000 Serbs from Croatia, killing of civilians, women and children and bombing of columns of refugees by Croatian aircrafts.

He said that there is genocidal intention in this case, which is proved by the order issued by (former president and supreme commander of the Croatian Armed Forces) Franjo Tudjman that “such blows should be inflicted on Serbs that they disappear from Croatia”.

This is exactly what happened, Markovic underlined and called on the MEPs to adopt a resolution that will recognize Operation Storm as the greatest ethnic cleansing in Europe after WWII and urge Croatia to stop celebrating this date and the crimes committed during the operation.